Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Global Tiger Day 2014

Celebrating Global Tiger Day today to raise awareness for the grim situation of Tigers in the wild.

Since I was a little boy I loved the amazing beauty of Tigers and for more than 10 years now I have been supporting 21st Century Tiger in London, one of the leading Tiger Conservation organizations in the world with my Tiger photos and by raising money to support their efforts in Asia. You can read all about the organization and their great work via the link above.

During the last 100 years the number of Tigers in the wild has declined from about 100.000 to only a mere 3.500. This fact alone is alarming and needs the attention of all of us. Why? Because it's actually not only about the Tigers themselves, it's the ecosystems they live in that have to be protected to save our own future and make sure that further generations will not suffer the consequences of our generation's excessive way of living. The Tiger is only the most iconic part of these ecosystems and a species so beautiful and important for these ecosystems that one simply has to agree to the cause of protecting them.

The best way to help is by donating to one of the truly reputable conservation organizations like 21st Century Tiger. Please rest assured, that I wouldn't be campaigning for them, if I wasn't 100% sure that they are doing a great job in protecting what we all love so much:

One of the most beautiful creatures on earth!

And to celebrate the beauty of the Tiger, here are some of my newest Tiger photos...and then some more...

Cooling off

Sitting in the rain

Pouring rain – time to take a bath

Don't rush it in the heat

Playing it cool by the pool

100% pure beauty

Checking me out

Who's the boss around here?

I bet you will taste great, photographer guy...

And you did ;-)

And just because I recently recognized how many Tiger stuff there is in our home, here is some not so serious stuff ;-)

Our evening company

As Calvin says: Having a Tiger friend can come in handy ;-)

Yes, it's a real Tiger whisker...but the Tiger gave it to me, of course!

Keeping my precious printer clean...

This is just one of many Tiger shirts, but I doubt I will ever have more
Tiger Shirts than my Buddy Darko has Dream Theater Shirts ;-)

Indeed, being so close to my feet all day is a tough job

He lives in our bathroom

A very loose interpretation of Tiger fur

Sleeping like this is awesome ;-)

And last & least...yours truely ;-)

Have a great Global Tiger Day!