Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

A warm Thank You from the heart!

Thank you very much to all calendar customers during the last couple of months!

With your help I was able to pass on the veritable amount of 600,- Euro to 21st Century Tiger and the Harnas Wildlife Foundation.

And an "extra big thank you" to all those of you, that went deeper into their pockets and donated more (some of them much more) then the 2,50 Euro per calendar. Where there had been request for the money to go to a specific organization I have of course followed your wish and passed on the money directly to it.

The Tigers and other endangerd cat species as much as the various endangered species in southern Africa will truely appreciate your efforts in their own ways ;-)

To celebrate the beauty of the wonderful cats that roam our planet I have inlcuded some previously unreleased (on my blog and website) images for you. Enjoy...

More images in the German version of this post...

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